Why write a blog?

A little over 6 months ago I left life in the city centre of Glasgow to start a dream life in the country. The rural life is something I think a lot of people dream of, especially if you have spent many (or all in the case of my partner and me) idyllic childhood summers on a farm (Arran for him, Selkirk for me).

Our new way of life has been mostly amazing and only occasionally miserable but has almost, always been hard work and almost, always been beautiful and I guess that’s the appeal.  You might, say, be slogging your guts out trying to dig weeds out of an overgrown veg patch, or a having to scrape 1 inch ice of your car at 6am when its -7℃ (see above pic) but for those moments when you stop to mop your brow, tie back unruly hair (have I mentioned the wind yet? oh jeez…), hoik up your gardening leggings (we all have them, yes?) and you look out at a stunning view or have a laugh at the sheep watching you intently and then when you can tell yourself its yours it does help to push you to keep going and know its all it for something. Or at least that that its the payment, ain’t nothing for free. Or easy

Between the house and the garden and normal life (cooking, cleaning, work, NEEDING to watch an entire season on Vikings in one day) it can really feel like an uphill struggle so I though this would be a good way to keep track of all the things we have achieved. And if along the way i can share some nice ideas, recipes or general ramblings then that’s nice too 🙂



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